Uvita and the whales of Marino Ballena Park


From Quepos to Uvita, this time we have the right to a direct bus. After 4 hours of bus, we come to Bahia, just a few meters from the beach, the city comes down to one main street, a supermarket and two restaurants.
There is a motel style hotel, very clean with super friendly manager.

Thanks to him, we reserve the next day a tour to see the whales and we managed to get free for girls.

We made a tour of the immense black sand beach of Uvita, the view is beautiful, you just have to be careful not to up the river because of the crocodiles.

In the evening we eat in one of two restaurants in which we take all our meals, because in fact, it is almost the same price to eat out than to buy at the supermarket.

The next day, departure 8:30 to catch the boat, we walk to the beach, you go up into the boat from the shore, the captain is very young, 17, but started at the age of 8 years !!!

First difficulty through the waves barrier, fortunately the captain is good.
The captain spent a few calls and tells us over there there are 4 whales.

Indeed, after a few minutes, a few hundred meters from the coast, we see two adult humpback whales and a baby.

The baby gives us her show between pectoral fin slap the water and tail fin that comes suddenly and hits the water.

The guide explains that this is a way for the baby to defend the male trying to get him away from his mother. Yes, nature is often cruel.

We follow these three whales for a long time, at a time they are within 5 meters from us.
At one point, several dolphins are coming to join the baby whale to play with, magic !!!

It’s already time to go, we did not see the time passing.

Time to take a little trip to the beach in the afternoon and we go because tomorrow is standing 4 am to catch the bus at 5 am towards Corcovado.

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Baleine et dauphin sur la même photo !



La plage d’uvita




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