Bocas del toro

we leave Puerto Jimenez early to take a lancha to cross the inlets.
We arrive in local bus to the Panamanian border.
There is a bit of a mess, you have to pay an exit tax, but everything is poorly marked, I can take 3, I break the machine suddenly have to go take the 4th exit in a good mini bus.

Well we’re out of costa rica, yet he must return to Panama, with all that I had read, I feared the worst, but eventually the contrary, no, we find the galley entrance of Panama, the southern passage is much simpler than the Caribbean side pass.

Shortly after arriving in Panama, we jump in a bus to David, from there we take a different direction Boquete.

We arrive in Boquete, it’s cooler it feels good, we quickly find a very average hostel.
We then make the tour of the city to find out which tour we...



So we are left to take the first boat from 6 am to reach Almirante, it is the beginning of an epic as our first take a bus to David and then david santiago santiago Chitre Chitre and finally las tablas and there Philippe expect us to do the last kilometers.

Philippe, a former colleague Century 21 moved with his wife and daughter 2 years ago in Pedasi, despite the difficulties related to installation in a foreign country, we see that this change is in favor of a much better quality of life .

Philippe found us in the center of Pedasi a small house with 3 bedrooms, it was a long time that girls were not each one in room.

The next day we discover their beautiful house with garden where two parakeets live in freedom. Note that some scorpions, snakes and other vultures their regularly visit.


Corcovado National Park


Departure at 5:30 Uvita, we take a first bus and then a second and here we arrived after 5 hours in Puerto Jiménez.
We stay in a hotel in the city center on the advice of our guide Felix.
Precisely, around 11 am Felix has come forward and give us advice on the preparations for our tour.
So we will then do the shopping for 3 days and 2 nights shipping.
We prepare backpacks because we will leave the suitcases in the mother’s house of Felix as we must travel as light as possible.
The next morning, Felix picks us up at 6 am and go to 2:00 4X4 to reach Carate, where the trail ends.
We then walk 3.5 km trail in the forest half half on the beach.
It is already very hot, over 35 degrees and the humidity is 100% moisture between the forest and the coming waves.
After a little less than an hour, he...


Uvita and the whales of Marino Ballena Park


From Quepos to Uvita, this time we have the right to a direct bus. After 4 hours of bus, we come to Bahia, just a few meters from the beach, the city comes down to one main street, a supermarket and two restaurants.
There is a motel style hotel, very clean with super friendly manager.

Thanks to him, we reserve the next day a tour to see the whales and we managed to get free for girls.

We made a tour of the immense black sand beach of Uvita, the view is beautiful, you just have to be careful not to up the river because of the crocodiles.

In the evening we eat in one of two restaurants in which we take all our meals, because in fact, it is almost the same price to eat out than to buy at the supermarket.

The next day, departure 8:30 to catch the boat, we walk to the beach, you go up into the ...


Park Manuel Antonio


Here we are again left on the road, we take a bus and then another bus to the border with Costa Rica.
Then we take another bus to San José, we prefer to go there, Jade had 40 fever the day before and the camera is malfunctioning.

We find a very good youth hostel, Costa Rica Guesthouse, at the front desk two french students, we also met there, a French couple, Clement and Ornella which was the first day of their 10-month journey , it reminds us memories.

On Monday, the camera is placed in a restful, we will recover it cleaned two days later, it was enough to fix it.

San Jose, capital of Costa Rica is a modern city, very European, certainly compared to the cities that we have seen in Central America, many shops and higher prices than in France for many things, it changes also other countrie...