Departure of Leon, we continue in our comfort zone abandoned because after the fact of not booking hotels, we start not book transport.

So, it’s getting local is better and much cheaper.
It therefore takes a taxi to the bus station next to the market, where you queue to take a shared taxi towards Managua, the capital, and then take another direction of granada.

Be aware that the shared taxi stops every 2 minutes to take other people or to lower (they are 15-20 seater taxis but it is easily 30 in)

There are also vendors at roadside or who ride in buses and taxi, water vendors of course, here in plastic bags, fruit, sandwich, trinkets, and drugs.

We arrive in granada in the early afternoon, it is a beautiful colonial city with its many churches, located at the foot of a volcano and on Lake N...


Ile d’Ometepe et San Juan del Sur


Granada leaving a little late , we would have stayed longer than either Granada or hotel .
Good 15 min walk on bumpy roads to get to the market to take the bus to Rivas .
In the bus talking with a guy , you say that as long than done much sleep directly on the island , suddenly arriving in Rivas , we take a taxi to the port, there we took an overloaded lancha where each wave coming in the boat with on the girls feet.
Arrived after one hour, we take the bus in the rain to join a hotel we were advised in San Juan, the Finca Venecia .

The place is nice on Lake Nicaragua with one of the two volcanoes on the island at the back, we come by against it was almost dark and you have to eat in the hotel restaurant that is out of price.

Oiseau typique de l’ile


The next day we did a tour of the islan...