Bocas del toro

we leave Puerto Jimenez early to take a lancha to cross the inlets.
We arrive in local bus to the Panamanian border.
There is a bit of a mess, you have to pay an exit tax, but everything is poorly marked, I can take 3, I break the machine suddenly have to go take the 4th exit in a good mini bus.

Well we’re out of costa rica, yet he must return to Panama, with all that I had read, I feared the worst, but eventually the contrary, no, we find the galley entrance of Panama, the southern passage is much simpler than the Caribbean side pass.

Shortly after arriving in Panama, we jump in a bus to David, from there we take a different direction Boquete.

We arrive in Boquete, it’s cooler it feels good, we quickly find a very average hostel.
We then make the tour of the city to find out which tour we could do in the ecotourism capital of Panama, but prices cool us it is much more expensive than in France, $ 60 per person for rafting.

So, we say it does not matter, tomorrow we leave for Bocas del Toro, we still will taste a very good pizza in the evening.

So we start at 5 am in the morning to catch a chicken bus to David and a micro bus to Almirante. As usual air conditioning is set at 12 degrees.
Then we take the lancha to reach the island.




Bocas del Toro is an archipelago of nine islands in the northwest of Panama on the Caribbean side.

Just arrived, atmosphere change as we find ourselves in Belize or Roatan with rasta atmosphere.

We find a hotel not too expensive for a hotel with kitchen, trying to save on restaurants here as quickly figure.

After a short tour of the city center, we are tempted by a tour of the islands.
Because here, there is not much to do,apart take a bus or a boat to go to the beach here.

The next day we went for an organized tour, mass tourist mode, not the stuff you love and do not change his mind because with these organized and timed laps, you feel taken hostage.

We first go to a bay to see dolphins but they did not come, then through a small island restaurant, but hey we have our sandwiches, then did some snorkeling, poor visibility but corals are pretty, one of the tourists of our boat gets hit by another boat, nice.

We go then on a deserted island, friendly, the water is warm, the beach is beautiful, we took the opportunity for a little over an hour and a half.








We then return to the island restaurant, yes it’s famous business tours, all for consumption, really we say, we will not have to do this kind of tour tourist, we are still almost two remained hours waiting.



Then we leave, we make a short stop at an island to see both lazy and a boa.



To recover our short nights and our long journeys are made the day after a cool day.

Rest is good but we quickly turning around, then the next day we go to the playa estrella, it is an hour’s bus and 2 minutes lancha disappointment and there not a star in the water.




Bars all along the beach, which is not the nicest we’ve seen nearby.
Fortunately, we see dolphins passing off and starting we finally find a beautiful starfish for the photo, phew honor is saved.
In the afternoon, doing homework, the computer takes a bad shot and will not answer, balance the motherboard is dead. So starting tomorrow to Pedasi.
We are generally disappointed in Bocas del toro, averages beaches, everything is pretty expensive in stores exclusively held by the Chinese, far worse than Roatan.