So we are left to take the first boat from 6 am to reach Almirante, it is the beginning of an epic as our first take a bus to David and then david santiago santiago Chitre Chitre and finally las tablas and there Philippe expect us to do the last kilometers.

Philippe, a former colleague Century 21 moved with his wife and daughter 2 years ago in Pedasi, despite the difficulties related to installation in a foreign country, we see that this change is in favor of a much better quality of life .

Philippe found us in the center of Pedasi a small house with 3 bedrooms, it was a long time that girls were not each one in room.

The next day we discover their beautiful house with garden where two parakeets live in freedom. Note that some scorpions, snakes and other vultures their regularly visit.

Carla; the daughter of Philippe and Pascale, 11, hqd a traditional dance performance of Panama for the school party.
The girls are dressed in traditional costumes with headdresses very worked, the boys have a more classic outfit but a very special hat.
Great experience for us to discover within the Panamanian customs apart from air conditioning to 18 degrees while it was 30 degrees outside.









Une canette bien choisie


The next day, Philip takes us vion the beach with his 4×4 , a first for us to drive on the beach, then spend the afternoon at the resort playa with a beautiful infinity pool.
The girls have benefited from Carla and have made a pajama party, the first since six months, we first evening while both.
it’s great to be around the world but it still lacks privacy.
The next day is a good day out together on a beautiful beach where there are a Capuchin monkey, a doe and beautiful macaws.
We will spend a few days in nice strong house Pedasi and in the company of Philip, Pascale and Carla.